February 24, 2020

"EXCELLENT SERVICE equaled great time! When asked what she wanted us to clean up the answer was, "Nothing, you're on vacation." Had everything we needed and then some. Best snowmobile trip ever and we were ready to book next year the day we were leaving."
September 3, 2019

Great experience

"The cabins are clean, the area is quiet, the amenities are very good including the outside BBQ and hangout spot, they offer ATV rental, the location is good for the upper peninsula and they are very affordable. "
August 26, 2019

"I stayed at the sno shu cabins as a kid. I loved it then and wanted to visit again. My husband and I stayed for 3 nights and it was even better than when I was there before. We had so much fun walking around the property and exploring the area. The pavilion and fire place were awesome! I can't recommend these cabins more and we are both looking forward to a return visit. Thanks for your hospitality and a wonderful vacation!"
August 12, 2019

Family Time

"The weekend at sno shu inn was absolutely family friendly. The owner is super nice and is great with kids! Our stay was awesome, and service were top notch! I highly recommend and we will be returning!"
January 4, 2019

Cutest 1940’s Vintage cabin!

"We loved staying in Cabin 4 after hiking along Lake Superior for hours. Cozy, quaint, nostalgic decor just enough space for 2. Warm as toast as we knew how to work small wood stove. Slept sound in peace and quiet of the North Woods"